Get the job done right the first time. You have a small business to run, and the last thing you need to worry about is the reliability of your computer or network system. Time is money, and wasting time on an unreliable computer, network, or technician can cost you a fortune.

  • tech-net Consultants Inc. provides professional onsite service, maintenance, and support services. Outsourcing your IT support requirements to
  • tech-net Consultants Inc. can save you a lot of time. Time better spent on making your small business grow.
  • tech-net Consultants, Inc. can support and manage your IT resources so you can focus on running your small business. We support a variety of desktop

Computers and networking environments including all versions of Microsoft Windows, LANtastic, OS/2, Linux and Novell’s entire product line! From network installations, to system upgrades/overhauls, to onsite service and maintenance, or Internet connectivity, TechNet Consultants, Inc. can help you implement the right technology solution for your small business

TechNet Consultants provides small businesses an alternative to hiring full-time staff to support and service their computer or networking needs. With over twenty-three years of experience in implementing, troubleshooting, and managing computer and network resources,

Fixed-Rate Support Plans

Small Businesses rely just as heavily on their computer systems as Fortune 500 companies, but they usually don’t have the in-house expertise to keep them running at top efficiency. Small businesses tend to ignore their systems until something goes wrong, then call a technician and pay $90 an hour or more while waiting for him to repair it. Alternatively, some computer dealers offer expensive service contracts which do not take effect unless there is a problem.

With On-Site Support, we have come up with a better way. While we do work by the hour when needed, we also offer a unique maintenance contract that covers service before problems occur. With this unique plan, we visit your business on a regular basis to check such things as backups, anti-virus updates, service packs, and help with any technical problems that may come up during the normal course of business. Since any computer outage can cause a serious business interruption, is important to maintain your systems properly and prevent problems from occurring. With this arrangement, On-Site Support can take on full responsibility for all your computer needs, not just repairs.